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Refer a friend


It’s better, together.

WellRewards is the officially awesome “refer-a-friend” program, designed for existing customers to be able to get rewarded when referring their family and friends to Well.

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What’s in it for you?

If you’re an existing Well customer, you can refer your friend using your referral code.  Your friend get’s a little boost by using your code, and access to one of the lowest rate home loans in Australia too.

When your friend settles on their home loan, you get rewarded too!  It’s our way of saying thanks.


For you

You’ll get a nice shiny gift card which you can spend on almost anything you want!  Awesome!


For your friend

Your friend will save as we’ll take this amount off their home loan application fees.

How to get referring?

It’s really simple to refer your friends. A few steps is all it takes.


Got questions?  Here’s the most common questions we get.

Where do I find my personalised refer-a-friend code?

Once you’ve settled on your home loan, you will have received an email and an sms with your very own refer-a-friend code.  If you’ve just settled, it can take a few days for your code to be sent out.  If you’re in a hurry to help a friend out, then let us know and we can get it to you asap.

It’s also ok if you can’t find it, just contact us and we’ll resend it straight away to you.

When do I get my WellRewards?

Once we’ve confirmed that the referral was an eligible referral, then you will receive your WellRewards in the month after your friends settles their loan.  We process all rewards at the start of the month.

We can’t disclose any information about your friends loan (you can still talk to them about it if you want), but once they settle and have used your code – we’ll process the rewards.

Are there limits to how many people I can refer?

Nope! None at all.  If you refer 10 friends, then that’s great!  We will reward you based on the eligible referrals.  Assuming they are new to Well customers, it only applies for the first customer if they take out a joint loan (ie one per loan application).

What is an “eligible referral”?

In order for you to receive your WellRewards, your referral must be an eligible referral.  Eligible referrals are for a new to Well customer that has not previously settled a home loan with Well.  Your friend must also use your referral code during the home loan application process.

In the case of joint applicants on a home loan, only one friend will be counted as a referral (in case they’re both your friend!)

If your friend is applying for multiple home loans, only one home loan will be eligible.

What’s makes a referral not eligible?

Some common reasons include:

Your friend is not a new customer (and has a Well Money home loan already or was a previous customer already).

A second (or third, fourth etc) applicant on a joint loan.

Trying to refer yourself – doesn’t work.

If the details of the customer you referred and the customer that settled their loan don’t appear to match up right.

How do I claim my WellRewards?

We’ve partnered with Prezzee to deliver our WellRewards Smart eGift Cards.  Your rewards card will be delivered directly to your email and all you need to do is to choose exactly where you would like to spend your rewards.

Carefully check your junk folders, just in case it’s there, and simply follow the instructions in the email.  This email will be sent directly from Prezzee on our behalf.

Best of all, once you’ve decided where you want to treat yourself (or someone else if you want), you can store your cards in your phones digital wallet (for iOS and Android devices).  Good for the environment as there’s no plastic or paper waste floating around and it’s one less thing to worry about losing.

For those who aren’t confident with digital wallets, you can always print your cards too.

With our Smart eGift Cards, you will need to swap your amount for any of the retailers available (there’s hundreds to choose from!).  You can even decide to swap your balance to spend at multiple retailers too.


How does my friend claim rewards?

As part of the WellRewards program, the person you’ve referred will get $250 off their application fee.  By using the code you’ve provided we’ll be able to take care of it for your friend once their loan settles.

Other terms and conditions

Things to note from our lawyers

At any time Well reserves the right to suspend, terminate or amend the WellRewards Refer-a-Friend program without notice.  Any referral that we deem, in our absolute discretion, to be unlawful, unreasonable, at risk of requiring the referrer to require an Australian Credit Licence or for any other reason that we believe is not in the spirit of our program, may not be honoured.

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