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So you're looking to leave your current lender?

Already have a home loan and considering a change? Well might be the better option. Changing your home loan provider is often seen as a difficult, time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be and it can be well worth your while to review this every couple of years to make sure you're getting a good rate.

Dont' worry, we're here to help make sure that it's not a messy break up and you stay in full control.

Life happens. We get it.

Real life happens and things can change. You might suddenly find yourself adding to your family and need some urgent renovations, or you might have fallen behind on some of those high interest debts and just want to get back on track. Well home loans helps everyday Australians to refinance their current home loan into something more manageable.

We get that your situation is unique and a Well home loan is tailored to help with those situations that you can find yourself in.

Why join the club?

Some of the common scenarios that are perfect for you to refinance can include:

  • Finding a better rate to lessen your repayments
  • To leverage some equity in your current property
  • Cover off unexpected large bills
  • Consolidate your debts to help reduce financial stress

Just because you don't fit the banks ideal tick boxes, that doesn't mean you're stuck.

How can Well help you with refinancing?

There are lots of situations that Well can help with and to refinance, they all revolve around making it better for you.

Multiple debt consolidation

We understand that debts can pile up pretty quickly and before you know it, you're paying off more than your making.


That's why we can consolidate multiple debts into one easy to manage home loan and with a much more manageable repayment too!

Cash for acceptable reasons

There are times where you just need to get your hands on a little extra cash for those all important reasons.

Urgent Renovations, important medical bills, even that unexpected new addition to the family!

Well can help unlock the equity in your home even when the banks say no.

Saving some money

There can be times where you're stuck paying off an old mortgage and on an interest rate that is just so much higher than everyone else.

Don't sit around and accept it.

Well can help save you money with a more appropriate rate for your situation.

There are lots of other situations that Well can help with and to refinance, they all revolve around making it better for you including:

Multiple debt consolidation | Cash out purposes | Paying out Private debts | Business debts or ATO liabilities

Compare your loan to a Well home loan

Things you should consider if you want to refinance

It's always pays to make sure that you're getting the best loan for you. But your life today isn't the same as what it was yesterday. Neither is your home loan.

A home loan should be regularly checked up on to make sure that it's still the best fit. To help you check up yourself, here's some things to consider.

What's your discharge fee?

Most lenders will have a fee that is payable when you look to switch. So if you're going to refinance with another lender, you will have to pay your current lender this fee.

Ready when you are

We've redesigned the way people can get home loans online. We understand that there are different times when you want to get information, so we've made our process available from your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Anywhere, anytime!

Is LMI Payable when you switch?

Your old mortgage may have had an LMI premium which you paid. When you switch you may have to pay a new LMI premium - which is usually payable depending on your LVR. Whilst it can be capitalised into your new loan, it's another fee that you may need to pay.

If you're happy with us and want to apply - you can complete an online interview and our lending team will take over and guide you through your home loan application.
Most importantly of all if you're not happy with us or if we just can't be friends, then we're happy if you've managed to learn something along your home ownership journey.

Are you currently on a fixed rate?

If you're currently on a fixed rate home loan, then this could be quite costly to switch. Every lender will have provisions for what's known as a "Fixed Rate Break Cost". It will be in your current loan contract and is paid to the lender if your fixed rate expiry date hasn't occured yet. It's not a known cost and is quoted at the time you request it from your current lender.

Do you have associated savings accounts or credit cards?

You can keep these open, but you may need to pay additional fees that may have been previously rolled into your home loan. This can be common with Pro Packs or bundles. Fees aside, you'll need to consider the hassle of changing these accounts or cards.

Are you better off?

When you take in all of those considerations, you need to decide if you are indeed, better off with switching.

So what do I do now?

Too long, didn't read? That's cool. Just hit the link below to apply for a brand new shiny Well Home Loan.

Apply for a Well home loan online now

We make it easy to find a loan that suits you

With just a few simple products, we reduce the stress of having to search through thousands of home loans only to be presented with a few hundred to choose from. A Well home loan is designed with you in mind and caters for your situation.

Well Balanced

A good credit history and can provide evidence of their income.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Well Easy

A home loan for those who don't quite meet the mainstream criteria.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Well Restore

For those with recent credit impairment, this home loan is designed to help.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Steps in the well process


Step 1 - Apply

You can apply via our online application interview. The whole interview can now be done from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Step 2 - Verify

A single trip to Australia Post to verify your identity (much like getting a passport) and upload your financial documents for us to review.

Step 3 - Approval

Now we're rolling! This is where we'll provide you with the decision on whether or not we can lend you the money that you've asked for.

Step 4 - Finalise

This is always the most exciting part of any loan. Getting your home loan settled and either moving into your new home, or relaxing with the savings off your old loan.

How we assess your situation

Most other lenders have rigid eligibility criteria, and if you don't fit their mold then you don't qualify for a loan. At Well, we've tailored home loans that can fit different situations.

What you earn

We look at what you earn over a different period of time than a traditional lender. This can suit those that show irregular income over shorter time frames.

What you owe

Using rough percentages isn't the best way to work out exactly what you owe to other people. We get the right information to help you see the bigger picture.

What you spend

Looking at what you actually spend rather than just relying on benchmarks means we know more about your situation. Who even has 2.3 kids anyway?

What's your history

No Credit Scoring! We look at each record on your credit report to get a proper picture of you and your credit history. We don't like to put a score on people's lives.

Discover the right solution for you

We're not a stuffy old bank. We're a modern online home loan provider.