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Buying a home? Nice one.

Well makes the biggest financial decision of our lives just a little bit easier.

Purchasing a home. It's easier than you think.

Buying a home is always an exciting prospect. But if you’ve been turned down by mainstream lenders, it can be disheartening. Don't worry, you have options and applying for a Well home loan could help you get that dream home.

Still shopping or want to make an offer?

It can be quite a journey when you make a decision to purchase a home. There's a lot to consider, and for most Australians it's the biggest financial decision of their lives. Whether you've just started looking or you're ready to put in an offer, Well can help you achieve your lending goals when no one else wants to help.

We get that your situation is unique and a Well home loan is aimed at getting you that dream home.

Just because you don't fit the banks ideal tick boxes, that doesn't mean you're stuck.

How can Well help you with purchasing a home?

Buying a home is such an exciting life event. Well makes it all seem so simple.

Get your research done first

Make sure that you do your research in the area you wish to buy in. It's a good idea to obtain a property report before you go to auction or make an offer.

This can help you see a sales history and some comparable sales of other properties in the area.

To stay informed on what properties are for sale, you should look to get automated alerts from your favourite property site. We recommend using free alerts - it's pretty awesome.

Work out your spending

It's important to always work out what you're willing and able to spend on a property.

Working out what the most you'll be able to spend on a property means that you can set your own expectations before setting your sights on something that you can't afford.

Every lender has a different way of working out the most they will lend you and of course the more the house, the more that you have to pay in government fees too.

Start applying online

Once you're ready to make an offer or bid at auction, it's important to make sure that you can get your finance approved.

By obtaining a conditional approval from your lender, you can know exactly what situation you're in and the vendor knows that you're serious about getting that property too!

Well makes it easy to apply at any time of the day (or night) using our online interview that takes you through the whole process to get your financial picture, at a time that suits you.

Get your free customised property report

Because knowing about a property helps you make the right decisions for you. And it's free. 'Nuff said.

Get your free property report now

Things you should consider if you want to purchase

Once you've decided that you want to buy a home, the journey from that point on is one of the most exciting ones that you'll go on.

It's also one of the biggest financial decisions of most Australian's lives. There's a lot to consider when purchasing a home, and Well helps to make this journey easier.

Get a budget in place

If you haven't already done this, go and create a budget. There's so many apps out there that this should be something that every Australian does. Once you've got this in place, you'll know straight away how much those mortgage repayments are going to affect your current lifestyle.

Save up for your deposit

It's one thing to say it, it's another thing to go and do it - save for as much of a deposit as you can. The more you can put towards your property purchase, the less that you will have to borrow and repay over the course of your home loan. You'll want to go with at least 10% of the purchase price of your chosen property regardless of who you get a home loan with.

Learn what you can afford

It's important to remember - just because you can borrow something, doesn't mean that you should. Always get to know what your borrowing capacity is - what the maximum a lender will actually lend based on your finances. Sometimes, this can be higher than what you need, but with your budget in place you'll know exactly what's going to be manageable for you.

Know the costs of buying a home

A lot of people don't realise the additional costs of buying a home. The costs don't stop with the amount that you pay for your dream home. There's also a number of government fees that are required to be paid along with your own fees in getting legal advice and even just that thank-you gift for getting your friends to help you move. Well makes this transparent the whole way through your interview so that you know exactly what you're getting into.

Finding your property

Once you have considered all of the above, you're probably ready to start looking for that dream home. We recommend using alerts to let you know when something in your price range and ideal locations becomes available so that you can start inspecting. We recommend using for your property search needs.

So what do I do now?

Too long, didn't read? That's cool. Just hit the link below to apply for a brand new shiny Well Home Loan.

Apply for a Well home loan online now

We make it easy to find a loan that suits you

With just a few simple products, we reduce the stress of having to search through thousands of home loans only to be presented with a few hundred to choose from. A Well home loan is designed with you in mind and caters for your situation.

Well Balanced

A good credit history and can provide evidence of their income.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Well Easy

A home loan for those who don't quite meet the mainstream criteria.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Well Restore

For those with recent credit impairment, this home loan is designed to help.

Borrow up to 95% of the value of your property.

Steps in the well process


Step 1 - Apply

You can apply via our online application interview. The whole interview can now be done from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Step 2 - Verify

A single trip to Australia Post to verify your identity (much like getting a passport) and upload your financial documents for us to review.

Step 3 - Approval

Now we're rolling! This is where we'll provide you with the decision on whether or not we can lend you the money that you've asked for.

Step 4 - Finalise

This is always the most exciting part of any loan. Getting your home loan settled and either moving into your new home, or relaxing with the savings off your old loan.

How we assess your situation

Most other lenders have rigid eligibility criteria, and if you don't fit their mold then you don't qualify for a loan. At Well, we've tailored home loans that can fit different situations.

What you earn

We look at what you earn over a different period of time than a traditional lender. This can suit those that show irregular income over shorter time frames.

What you owe

Using rough percentages isn't the best way to work out exactly what you owe to other people. We get the right information to help you see the bigger picture.

What you spend

Looking at what you actually spend rather than just relying on benchmarks means we know more about your situation. Who even has 2.3 kids anyway?

What's your history

No Credit Scoring! We look at each record on your credit report to get a proper picture of you and your credit history. We don't like to put a score on people's lives.

Home loans shouldn’t be hard

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no hidden rates. Just simple, easy home loans. The way it should be.

Open and honest

It's about time there's more transparency in the lending process. Why hide it, when we can hopefully help you learn more.

More free time

You can apply online in your own time and at your own pace. No waiting around for someone to visit or ring you.

All about you

We don't rely on benchmarks, averages or estimates. We ask about you and your life, to easily fit the right loan.

Better by design

Choose the features that you want in a home loan. We don't force you to take a bundle of features just to get a lower rate.

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