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The Well Restore
product specs

Sometimes life can be a little more of a challenge.
This product is designed for those who need that extra help.

Interest rates start from

Interest Rate
5.67% p.a.*
Comparison Rate
5.98% p.a.*

The Well Restore product. By the numbers.

Loan Purpose

Purchasing or refinancing a property that you live in. Purchasing or refinancing an investment property is also acceptable, however it may impact your interest rate.

Maximum loan amounts

Regardless of how much you can actually afford, the most we can lend depends on the LVR of your loan.

For low LVR at 65%, you could borrow up to $2,500,000.
For mid LVR at 80%, you could borrow up to $1,250,000.
For higher LVR's at a maximum of 95%, you could borrow up to $750,000.

When you apply for a loan, we will tell you the exact amounts that apply to your situation during the interview.

Minimum loan amount

The smallest loan amount we will be able to lend is $50,000.

Maximum LVR

The maximum LVR will depend on your situation and what you need a loan for.

For purchases: 95% of the value of the property.
For refinances: 85% of the value of the property.

If you're not able to provide traditional documentation and need an "Alt Doc" option, the maximum LVR will be capped to 85% instead.

Maximum loan term

40 years, however this is subject to the applicants expected retirement age.

Interest repayments type

Principal and Interest (P&I) and Interest Only (IO) are available.

If you want to have an interest only loan, there will be a higher interest rate applied to your loan. You will also need to answer additional questions to ensure the suitability of an interest only loan for you as in the long term, an interest only loan does actually cost you more than a principal and interest loan.

Repayment frequency

For Principal and Interest loans: You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly
For Interest Only loans: Monthly is the only available option.

Income Verification (Full Doc)

For every loan application, we will need to verify your income. For a standard "Full Doc" loan we will need information depending on how you get paid

For PAYG applicants:
Last 2 payslips showing your income
Plus one of the following
Letter or Employment; or
Tax assessment notice; or
latest group certificate; or
last 3 months bank statements.
For Self Employed applicants:
Last 2 years tax returns; and
Last 2 years tax assessment notices.

Income Verification (Alt Doc)

For every loan application, we will need to verify your income. If you are self employed and can't provide the information from "Full Doc", then we will need the following

For PAYG applicants:
Not allowed, must meet Full Doc criteria
For Self Employed applicants:
ABN Registered for at least 6 months,
GST Registered for at least 6 months,
Signed Declaration of financial position.
Plus 2 of the following
6 months business bank statements
6 months BAS,
Accountants Letter (we'll give you this template)

Fees and charges

Now for the fees and charges bit. Every loan will attract some fees and we'll give you a full breakdown in a loan contract if you are approved and want to proceed. But for now, here's the lowdown.

Establishment fee:


Lender Protection Fee:

None - Mortgage Risk Fee applies instead (see below)

Monthly administration fee:

$15 per month per loan account (ie per split account)

Legal fee:

from $440 plus disbursements - we'll let you know in the loan contract.

Discharge fee:

$250 per loan.

Title protection fee:

$400 per loan

Mortgage Risk fee:

Up to 2.00% of the amount advanced.
Note: an additional 0.50% loading fee will apply for specialist loan sizes >$1,000,000

All done with the product specs?

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Some final things you should know

We like to be as transparent as possible. So when we put little asterisks or marks next to things, there's definitely some things that you should know. We've got them all laid out right here for you!

Subject to approval

Any application for finance is always subject to approval in accordance with our normal credit assessment and loan suitability criteria.

Terms and conditions do apply

We try to get as much information to you as possible. More in depth terms and conditions do apply and will be included with a loan offer if your application is approved. Fees and charges apply.

These might change at some point

These product details are current as of the time you are reading them. Anytime we make a change, this could be without any notice to you.

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