Getting your finances under control. You’re in good hands.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck with so many debts that you’re just managing to get by. Well might be able to help get rid of those debts into one easy to manage mortgage with a debt consolidation loan.

Feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?
We all start our financial journey with grand plans of being able to get ahead all the time. But life doesn’t work that way. There are times where you’ve ended up with multiple debts that you’re only just managing with and all those plans don’t seem to be any closer.

With a Well debt consolidation loan, you can refinance your existing home loan and a bunch of those high interest debts into one easy to manage mortgage. Get back on track the Well way.

How can Well help you with consolidating those debts?

Life happens. We get it. So do more debts than you planned to have.

Multiple debts made simpler
Your current situation might include late payment fees on some of your bills, credit cards reaching their limit, final notices or even the threat of repossession.

We can consolidate an unlimited number of debts into one simple loan, so long as you’ll be better off by doing it. Some of the types of debts we can consolidate include Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Private Finance, Tax liabilities or even other Business Debts.

Less stress, less paperwork
Stressed out with the number of debts you’re juggling?

We get it.

By consolidating, Well can hold your hand through the whole process and help to streamline your finances.

Imagine just having one, single repayment to worry about?

Save on interest
In most cases, you’re going to end up saving on interest payments.

While it’s important to get onto a debt consolidation early, those high interest paying debts like credit cards can add up a lot over the long run.

By consolidating all these into one home loan, you’ll end up reducing those debts into one single home loan repayment.

Things you should consider if you’re consolidating

Debt consolidation. It sounds great and a lot of times, it is. But like any type of home loan, there’s some things that you should always consider before you look to consolidate all your other debts into one single home loan.

Here’s some of our tips in getting your finances back on track.

Talk with your current credit provider
While this could seem a bit odd coming from us, we do recommend having a chat with your current credit provider. In some circumstances, you could come to an arrangement with them that helps with your payments. If you don’t get anywhere, then that’s ok – We’ll try to help you instead.

Get some legal help
If you’re looking to consolidate your debts because you’re having a bit of a hard time paying them off, it’s really important to get some legal advice or see a financial counsellor before you get started. We will only consolidate your debts into a home loan with us if you will be better off.

Learn what you can afford
It’s important to remember – just because you can borrow something, doesn’t mean that you should. Always get to know what your borrowing capacity is, it’s what the maximum a lender will actually lend based on your finances. Sometimes, this can be higher than what you need, but with your budget in place you’ll know exactly what’s going to be manageable for you.

Understand what consolidating can do for you
While some debts can have a high interest rate that makes it harder for you pay off the debts that you owe, it’s important to note that consolidating these into a longer term home loan could mean that you will end up paying more interest over the long term. While there are a lots of benefits to consolidation, such as actually being able to afford your repayments again and having some reduced stress levels, it’s important to remember the interest implications long term.

Are you experiencing financial difficulties?

It is a good idea to get financial advice if you are juggling debts and not sure what the best course of action is for you.
There are free legal advice options across Australia. Check out the Money Smart site from ASIC for help.

Visit the Money Smart Website.

How we assess your situation

Most other lenders have rigid eligibility criteria, and if you don’t fit their mold then you don’t qualify for a loan. At Well, we’ve tailored home loans that can fit different situations.

  • What you earn
    We look at what you earn over a different period of time than a traditional lender. This can suit those that show irregular income over shorter time frames.

  • What you spend
    Looking at what you actually spend rather than just relying on benchmarks means we know more about your situation. Who even has 2.3 kids anyway?

  • What you owe
    Using rough percentages isn’t the best way to work out exactly what you owe to other people. We get the right information to help you see the bigger picture.

  • What’s your history
    Using rough percentages isn’t the best way to work out exactly what you owe to other people. We get the right information to help you see the bigger picture.

Home loans worth talking about.

We started Well Home Loans with a mission of keeping our rates as low as possible while ensuring that the service we provide to our customers is second to none.

Well Balanced

A feature packed, award winning home loan product with a super-low rate.

rates from:


interest rate p.a.


comparison rate p.a.

Explore the full range of owner occupied options designed to help you pay off your home sooner

Product details

Well Easy

A product designed for when you don’t quite fit mainstream lending.

rates from:


interest rate p.a.


comparison rate p.a.

Finally a product that makes it easy. If you haven’t had credit problems for the last 2 years, then the Well Easy product could be a good fit for you.

Product details

Well Restore

The product that’s meant for those with impaired credit, having troubles lending with banks.

rates from:


interest rate p.a.


comparison rate p.a.

No one plans to have bad credit. Sometimes, life just happens that way. That’s why we can help when others don’t want to know you.

Product details

Disclaimers and things you should know

* Comparison rate warning

The comparison rate is based on a $150,000 loan over 25 years. Warning: this comparison rate is true only for this example and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Lending criteria, fees and conditions apply. Rates, fees and conditions are indicative, available for new loans only and subject to change without notice.

What is a comparison rate?
Interest rates

Interest rates current as at the following date: 1st July 2020 Interest rates are subject to change at any time without notice. The actual interest rate on your home loan will be quoted at the time of settlement along with the actual repayment amounts. Interest Rates may change between the time of your application and settlement of your loan due to market conditions. Interest rates for existing customers may not be the same as interest rates for new customers. If you have paid a Rate Lock Fee, the rate provided will be listed on your letter of offer and will take effect upon acceptance and payment of the rate lock fee.